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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing georgia car accident no police report

Instructions and Help about georgia car accident no police report

First question I always get from potential clients who have just been in a car accident is do I need a car accident attorney to handle my case keep watching this video to learn win and win not to hire a car accident lawyer my answer will probably surprise you you won't hear it from many lawyers here in the Georgia area hi my name is Ted Spaulding on a trial lawyer here in Atlanta Georgia representing car accident victims and families and wrongful death matters after car wrecks the way I want to answer this question is by looking first at when you don't need a lawyer now before I get into that I do want to say everybody who has been injured in a car accident ought to reach out to a lawyer who will give them honest straightforward advice about whether they actually need a lawyer at this time or can hold off and see how the claim progresses the reason for this is because we approach car accident cases differently we don't handle a volume of car accident cases and quite frankly we believe most lawyers shouldn't that's because oftentimes people do not need a car accident lawyer so here's what to look for in determining whether you may or may not need a lawyer number one what are the injuries at this point if the car accident has just occurred you probably don't know what all of your injuries are 9 times out of 10 you don't have broken bones oftentimes you haven't even gone to the hospital from the scene you're likely probably having neck or back pain that you really don't know the cause of at this time that is often the first tell that you may not need a lawyer at this point why because we always look at these cases as how can we bring value to the client in hiring us the client is going to have to pay us at some point for our representation if we receive a recovery well we want that recovery to be enough to obviously compensate us and prwhat the client is looking for if the injuries are not severe enough there's a less of a chance that we would be able to prsuch a value so that's the first question what are the injuries at this point if you don't know you may not need a lawyer at this point it's too early the second is are there any evidentiary issues that need to be dealt with immediately ah most of the time there is not going to be an evidentiary issue in a car accident case that is going to require a lawyer to get involved immediately again this is where having a phone conversation or in-person meeting for a free consultation with a car accident lawyer is very valuable you can run through those things the lord gurur can give you some advice of how to secure the.


What happens after a car accident with no police report?
The consequences would depend on the severity of the situation.Minor accidents don’t warrant a police report. When the accident does not injure anyone and the damage to property or car isn’t serious, often the driver just files a claim with his/her insurer and everything goes back to normal. If it’s a two-car accident with no injuries, minimal damage, and both drivers are insured, the police don’t usually get involved.For accidents that resulted in severe injuries and damages to property: Hospitalization and medication for injuries, car repair, damages—all that exceeds your deductible would have to be paid out of your pocket if you don’t file a police report. You need a police report if you want to file a lawsuit or plan to get the other party’s insurance to cover your damages.A police report speeds up the processing of a claim, and sometimes, not having one or delaying the report can mean not getting your insurance to cover your damages. Insurers look at a police report to verify that the claim is genuine, meaning that the accident was real, to check who’s at fault, and to validate the damages claim.Generally, reporting to the authorities is one of the first things you should do after an accident. The only exception is for accidents resulting in minor damages. Different states have different laws on filing police reports after an accident and as responsible drivers we should know the policies in our area.
Do I have to fill out a accident report request that was sent to me? There wasn't damage to either of our cars
This depends on which state you live in and also who sent you the report request. It is highly unusual for a citizen to send a crash report to another citizen. If I were you I would not fill it out unless it came from a police agency. Even then I would be suspicious and follow Kathryn's answer below.
What happens in a car accident with no police report or insurance exchange?
Basically nothing out of the ordinary, you pay for your vehicle to be repaired and the other person does the same with their property. Or you simply continue to drive the vehicle with the damage, if it is safe to do so.I have seen countless people get into a minor fender bender or bumper scrape/tap, make sure each other is not injured, shake hands and drive on down the road. It honestly depends on not only the two people and their situation, but also the location. More of those situations were in NYC/N.J. area as well as Phoenix, AZ and New Orleans, LA area. When I lived in Seattle, WA they would wait for a long time for the police to show up and write their report. In NYC, cars hit one another so often, and most people don’t really care because their cars aren’t all that pristine anyway, so it doesn’t matter, unless of course there is major damage.The bad thing about waiting (sometimes up to an hour) for the police is that a lot of times, they will find someone at fault and write them a ticket, or even both people.
Do I have to contact my insurance if I just got scratched in a car accident but there was no damage? the police came and did a report in FL. How do I find out if the other person filed a claim?
Do I have to contact my insurance if I just got scratched in a car accident but there was no damage? the police came and did a report in FL. How do I find out if the other person filed a claim?Since you don’t mention the other car, I will assume that does have damage, at least a dented section that will need to be repaired. If YOU are At Fault in this accident, YES, you need to report it to your insurance company. If you are NOT At Fault, and are NOT filing a claim with your insurance company, then NO you do NOT need to report this accident.If there is a question as to whom is actually At Fault, then I would report it to my insurance company, with my reasons why I believe the other driver is At Fault, before the other driver calls & puts his spin on the facts first. I would tell the adjuster that I am just reporting this, because even though I am NOT Guilty, and he got the ticket, he was yelling that I was At Fault, so I thought you needed to know as soon as possible, so that you can deny his claim, but I am not reporting any damages.As someone else pointed out, in NO FAULT states, if you are injured, you would also have to report the accident to your own insurance company, because they will be paying your medical bills from this accident, and/or lost wages.For the uninitiated, NO you do NOT have to report every accident to your insurance company, and this especially applies to NOT AT FAULT accidents, where you have no damage to your own car, OR where you do have damage but you are going to try to go through the other company first, so that you do NOT have to come up with a deductible to get your car repaired, and possibly rent a more expensive substitute vehicle, if you normally drive a more expensive car than you could rent for your daily allowance through your own company. Now, if the other company is dragging their feet, don’t wait long, go ahead and report it to your own company and let them pay for the repair & rental, and they will subrogate to get their money & your deductible back.
What is the most frustrating thing you are currently dealing with?
I'm homeless with two toddlersThere is no affordable housing available, anything that is has a 6–12 month waiting list or is for 55+.I've been turned down from every waitlist because of a poor credit history and prior eviction all which directly relate to him.There are no beds in the shelters.I'm not receiving child support. Time frame for that is 6–12 months.I have a court case for paternity and custody in the system that my ex is not pursuing, therefore it's in limbo.I don't qualify for legal aid because I didn't marry the guy.I don't qualify for the programs through the attorney general because I didn't press charges.I'm not a drug addict so I don't qualify for free housing for a year while I get my life back together.There's another program available for housing up to a year if only I were pregnant with no children.I don't qualify for welfare because I do have a job, and make too much money. You know too much for poverty, but not enough to pay for necessities.The section 8 waiting list hasn't been open since 2015.I can't get a straight answer out of a lawyer as to whether or not I can leave the state. I've seen statutes that say I can't leave the county, move more than 50 miles, and yes, if there isn't a court order. I have met with three different lawyers.I have no family in the state that I can stay with, much less county or within 50 miles.If I file a request to relocate he'll know exactly where I'll be living.I've literally called every resource in the county with no results.My ex was so horribly abusive that every person I speak to says that I should get counseling. Yeah. I'd like to start counseling again, but that's not going to help me get a damn place to live.CPS is involved. The caseworker feels helpless.His family and friends keep contacting me and showing up at my job.I just want to become a boxcar hobo.Orginally answered 6/16/2017Edit 06/19/2017: there are still no beds available at the shelter. But I no longer qualify for the women's shelters because I'm not in imminent danger.I have gotten another legal referral, that's apparently all the organizations in the county can do for me. But I don't feel like I'm ever going to get a legitimate answer, since they are only giving advice, they won't be able to defend me in the very possible case of kidnapping or contempt charges.I had four places I've been waiting to hear back from. Today, I received two no’s.I feel like there has to be something I'm missing. This just can't be real..Edit 2 6/26/2017:location Manatee countyI've started re-calling every organization in the county for the umpteenth time.United way said I'd need to call 211 for assistance.American red cross told me to call the salvation army and Catholic charitiesSalvation army has a first come, first served shelter. I drive past it every day, there's a lot of people that don't get in every night. Having an autistic child is difficult as it is, but he couldn't handle it in there. He had trouble at just the women's shelter.Catholic charities helps prevent homelessness, they don't help with my situation. They told me to call 211.211 says the only program available for my situation is turning points/seasons of sharing which will help with the first months rent if I can find a place. They told me to call hope family services.Hope family services says I no longer qualify for their shelter. But I can make an appointment to discuss the services they do offer. I've already had 3 appointments. I've already seen their economic justice advocate who can only look through craigslist for someone in my situation.I've left messages for a few other organizations. I've sent emails. I'm literally just going around in circles.Edit 3 06/26/2017: I've gotten clarification on a few issues relating to my inability to find a place that'll accept my application.An eviction within the last 84 months. In 2021 my ex sublet an apartment that was also in my name. I was young and stupid. That person was evicted for not paying rent and apparently passed out with a candle burning, that caused a few thousand dollars in damage. With unpaid rent and court costs they wanted 5,000.I owe a previous landlord money. This one is recent. From July to December I was on my own, but struggling. There are a lot of organizations that'll help prevent you from becoming homeless in the county. However, my landlord refused to accept it. Turned down money from churches because it wasn't the full amount, it didn't matter that I could pay the balance. In October, on payday, two hours after I had paid rent, they filed for eviction. I filed everything necessary to have the case dismissed. November, my ex decided to cut off voluntary child support. I received a non-renewal of lease notice and was asked to be out by the end of the month. They refused to accept turning points which would've paid the full amount of rent that month. I had to go out of work for emergency surgery and then move a week later. They filed for eviction again in December which I was unaware of because I no longer lived there. The case never had a judgement or dismissal. Never went beyond the initial summons.Now my only hope is to find a private landlord that is affordable in a county with rising costs on everything.Edit 4 6/27/17: CPS put my case of the backburner, the children were safe, I'm not delusional and the allegations against me were ludicrous. So today they concluded their investigation and are closing out the case. Yes, I'm still homeless, yes, it's not ideal, but it's better than their father.She was very upset that there was nothing she could do to really help me. At this point I'm more educated on every organization in the county and what programs they offer than anyone I speak to. This has been a battle trying to leave him coming up on two years now.The case worker is going to call the director of the domestic violence center tomorrow. The one she sent in a referral to, the one that I've had two appointments within the last three weeks. I just spoke with the director last week, I don't expect anything to have changed.I will be attempting to file for a court order to leave the county tomorrow. Section 4 on relocation is what I'll be basing what I believe is allowable on. Gotta love going pro se… 5: 6/28/17The caseworker for CPS called. When trying to close out my case her supervisor asked for a psychological evaluation to be done. So tomorrow will be‡ interesting.Edit 6: 6/29/17The caseworker called me twice today before the interview first call she asked for the names of the people I had spoken to a different organizations. The second call was about police reports. I only had one police report, and two chronologies from the dispatcher.I think today went as well as could be expected. The psychologist said upon parting that she believed that if I did feel like I needed help I wouldn't be afraid to get it, that I'm very aware of my mental health. I do feel like therapy would help. But priorities. Survival…Based on the information I provided and evidence I had to back it up, she said my ex exhibited some sociopathic tendencies. He has no contact with the kids, so no reason to pursue.Got distracted with the CPS case over the last few days, I filed the motion to leave today, sent him a copy. No response yet from his camp. By camp I mean the large amount of family and friends he has in the area that can and do come by and call my job. Complete and utter silence means they're in planning mode. Last silence ended with allegations to CPS.He has 20 days to respond to my motion or it goes into default.I did previously have a notebook log that I kept in my car documenting the stalking, but it was stolen, along with the journal of the last year I was with him. I was told by a lawyer back in December to recreate it as best I can. I've been writing on here some of those incidents. But the thought of having to completely immerse myself back in those memories is a lot to handle.Edit 7: 7/1/17While I'm waiting to hear about the emergency motion for permission to leave that I filed. I've been reaching out to family out of state. I literally don't have a clue where I'd even be going.It seems that it's just too inconvenient to take us in. They would like to help, just don't know how.Edit 8: 7/2/17Yesterday, we moved to a new living room. None of this is easy. Especially on the kids.There were only two members of my family that I really held off on asking if I could stay out of state. Yesterday I got a no from my sister, today my brother. Honestly I did not want to know the answer. I didn't think I could handle knowing they didn't feel anywhere near how I felt about them.My brother and sister. I managed to protect and take care of growing up. I would and have done anything I could to help them. They made it out. They made lives for themselves. But I think they view me as more of a maternal figure rather than a sister. It only goes one way.They seemed happy at the prospect of having me around. They knew what would be involved if I came there, all was well and good until it was more of a reality.Now I know‡ I wish them nothing but the best. But I'd be lying if I said they didn't break my heart.I have a lot of family there. They all say they would help in any way they can. I just can't stay with them. I feel like saying you'll help is just something people say, but don't have any intention of doing.I can't move there on such vague niceties.So now if I get approval to leave... It's anywhere. I'll start over somewhere new, completely alone, because it's worse to have family all around and still be alone.Edit 9: 7/3/17The motion for an emergency hearing was denied.“The barebones allegations in the motion for an emergency hearing do not appear to be an “emergency” therefore expedited hearing time will not be forthcoming. The court will, however, via seperate order refer the motion to the general magistrate.”…..7/6/17Moving on to a new location, new place, different people. This is hard on me. But the kids…I applied for a place yesterday, there was a lot of interest in it considering the price range.Waiting on court date.7/12/17Haven't heard anything yet on a court date, yesterday my ex filed another motion to keep me in the county. I filed a motion to dismiss for failure to show cause.I got a call back from the landlord. He has two people that can put up the first, last, and security so as long as everything comes up clean on them. He said he should have another place coming up and he'll let me know.CPS has closed their investigation, officially and finally.7/19/17My ex has filed two more motions. Hasn't given me copies. He also filed 5 of the 10 required documents to move the case forward yesterday. Hasn't given me copies of those either.I'll need to go down to the courthouse tomorrow. Start putting my case together‡ print out the pictures of injuries and figure out how to print texts.Hopefully I'll have a more permanent residence by the time this goes to court.7/20/17I went to the courthouse to get copies of the motions that my ex filed.He's asking for the court to award him custody of the children because I'm homeless.Despite calling, speaking to someone and getting confirmation that my application for child support enforcement was received, and being processed. Today, they say they never got it.8/1/17I got into a car accident last week. I had trusted someone with my belongings in a storage unit. I was warned by a third party that my ex was aware of the unit and the person I trusted signed off on the unit.I was on my way to the storage place, the cars in front of me were moving at a normal speed. I was trying to see the parking lot of the storage unit. I looked back at the road, the 2nd car in front of me suddenly slammed on their brakes and made a right hand turn. The car in front of me slammed on theirs, I couldn't stop in time.Took two hours to get the police report and ticket.. Drove paat the parking lot, shocker. There's my ex sitting in his car. Kept on going.I returned twice, two hours later, and then four hours. Still there. I returned the next day. Lock was changed. Unit is now in his name. When I finally do get a place I'll have to replace everything.I received, filled out the application from the department of revenue for child support. Again. I went down to the courthouse today, they promised to scan it in and send it to Tallahassee. Not normal operating procedures, but my application keeps getting lost.I finally have a court date to rule on my motion to leave the county also to rule on his motion to give him custody of the kids because I'm homeless. So August 17th with the magistrate.I have to get my case together. There's just so much to go through. Pictures. Thousands of texts, emails, what's relevant…what's not. All of it makes me sick to my stomach to look through.Edit 8/20/2017We had our court date, there wasn't a way to possibly get through everything. I did submit into evidence the police report and chronologies from the times the police were called. The photographs which aren't even the tip of the iceberg. I did show the video of him grabbing me. I also testified to his alcoholism.He denied all allegations of abuse. These things never happened. Claimed that I came at him, I instigated everything. Denied him access to his children.We'll have a final hearing to present all of our evidence and witnesses. There will be another hearing in a month. Until that next hearing, there will be weekly supervised visitation.Because of the vast difference in what we're asking for and what our stories are there is also going to be a guardian ad litem appointed to investigate both of us.8/29/2017He had his first supervised visit with the children on Sunday.I had some concerns with the supervisor after my intial meeting with her. She shut me down when I was explaining his prior behavior, she told me it had been six months, we have to give him the benefit of the doubt.I was trying to ask if she had experience dealing with the children that were in domestic violence situations, but she cut me off again. Spoke about her grandson that was hyperactive. (both my children are, my son is also autistic.) She went on to say that her son won custody of her grandson because his mother couldn't handle I asked her if she had already spoken to my ex. Yes. Of course she had. Made quite an impression. The Master salesman, liar and manipulator who can do no wrong and wants nothing more than to see his children.They had their visit Sunday, as I expected it went well. They hadn't seen him in six months aside from phone calls. They got an hour of their father putting on a show, attentive and loving. Everything they ever wanted from him.Also as I expected, my son gave me a hug, my daughter was angry with me. They don't really understand what's going on, it's confusing, and normal for them to take it out on me, I'm there. But the supervisor shook her head and gave me a look of disgust.I occasionally get word from things that he's said, usually from people he expects to pass on the message to me. Today, I was told that he was bragging about how well the visit went, the supervisor told him that the difference between how the children react to him and to me is night and day.I feel like I'm at a huge disadvantage, I've never said an ill word or tried to turn the children against him. They love him, despite everything. They know nothing of what he's done to put us in this situation. I refused to engage in his games and manipulation tactics. He's done the exact opppsite with no shame or thought to how it would hurt the children. I've heard over and over for the last 6 months that I broke their home.The department of revenue cannot pursue child support while this court case is active. The magistrate did not order child support, she did however order that I pay 25% of the supervised visitation costs.I am still staying with friends. I still cannot get a place. How is this is still going on?9/8/17Due to the impending hurricane the area I was staying in is currently under mandatory evacuation. I went further up the West coast about 100 miles. The hurricane has shifted again.I'm 15 miles inland in a house built by an engineer that works for the county, this house would have no chance of flooding, he reinforced the steel and concrete. It can withstand at least a cat 3 hurricane which is what we're projected to get where I am.9/11/17 3:08 a.m.My grandfather passed away, possible complications of a long term illness. However, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was suicide. Grieving was put on the back burner due to Irma.We evacuated up to Hernando county. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make it to Georgia with the condition that my car is in. The storm diminished as the eyewall was reaching us. We made it through with power.Now…what will I be going back to? I was in an evacuation zone because of how close my friends house was located to the bay. Flooding is a real concern.Supposed to be back in court on the 14th. Preparations for that have been on hold as well.
What should I do if I was in a minor car accident but there was no police report?
If you were at fault, pray the other party does not file a claim. If you were blameless yet have injuries or property damage you need paid for, go to your local police department that had jurisdiction over the accident location, and file a driver’s report of traffic accident.