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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Rental car accident no police report

Instructions and Help about Rental car accident no police report

Music I have five secrets that I've learned from over 25 years of experience in successfully helping people and families with personal injury and wrongful death cases secret number one recorded statements can hurt your claim insurance companies go out of their way to encourage people to give them a recorded statement they do this to help reduce the amount of money they will have to pay on a claim the reason that recorded statements are so tricky is that most people think that they won't hurt their case by giving the adjuster a recorded statement or they think that they have to give a recorded statement or else the insurance company won't fix their car or pay their bills but before you give a recorded statement get the help of a lawyer let him tell you if you have to give a statement or not and let them tell you what questions you do or don't have to answer here is how and why recorded statements are so dangerous the questions they ask you are designed to be used against you later for example they will ask you what injuries you receive from the accident if you leave out one injury they will later accuse you of lying and say now you complain of a knee injury but when we took your recorded statement right after the accident you didn't say anything about any injury so you must be making this up to make a profit from the accident case the second biggest way that they use a recorded statement against you is by getting you to guess and an answer about how the crash happened or get you to say that you don't know something about the accident then later use this against you for example they may ask how fast was the guy going who rear-ended you and you might think that he was going at least forty-five miles per hour and you just say that since the crash really felt hard but later the facts indicate that the property damage was minor and that his speed was closer to ten or fifteen miles per hour so then they may say wow you were really exaggerating the speed when we took your statement so are you now exaggerating your injuries today see how tricky this can be or another example it's when they ask you where the other car came from and you say I don't know they then make up a plausible explanation of why they're insured was not at fault since you can't say what they did wrong the only reason you answered I don't know is because you did not have enough time to really investigate the whole thing or see all the information and evidence and so when you gave the recorded statement it was unfair to you since you were not yet fully able to know many things about how the accident happened and secret number two insurance companies hope you.

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