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Nj self reporting accident Form: What You Should Know

In this section you will be provided with information you need to submit your inquiry regarding an accident or crash. The vehicle information is based on the information you entered into the New Jersey Self-Reporting Crash and Investigation form. This form is available at the New Jersey State Police Traffic Records Unit at: Request or Obtain a Report or Information About Accidents — SECTION B. Crash and Injury Reports. Reportable Accidents / Crashes : A. All Accidents / Crashes that are Reportable. As defined by the Motor Vehicle Division, the following are reportable and must be reported within the timeframes established by the New Jersey State Police, which is one year to ten years (ineligibility for payment of damages and/or other penalties): Any injury or death to any person (unless the injury or death was due to the willful misconduct of the insured or other insured's negligence); Any loss of property of any kind; Any property damage not caused by the insured's negligence; Any collision damage; Any loss or damage due to theft or vandalism not caused by the insured or other insured's negligence; Any bodily injury sustained in an accident resulting in personal injury; Any property damage resulting from an accident resulting in property damage to the non-insured person's (non-insured motorist) vehicle or personal property; Collisions with property other than other vehicles or public property; b. Accidents resulting solely from the negligence of the vehicle owner. C. All Injury and Death Accidents : Any Injury or Death resulting from an accident which is not a reportable accident or which is not reported to the New Jersey State Police. D. All Property Damage Accidents : Any Property Damage resulting from an accident that is not a reportable accident or which is not reported to the New Jersey State Police. SECTION C. The New Jersey Self-Reporting Crash and Investigation Form. § 23-b. Report of Accidents and Losses. A. The following is information to be supplied to the New Jersey State Police when requesting to report an accident or injury: Vehicle information.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Nj Self Reporting Accident Form

Instructions and Help about Nj Self Reporting Accident Form

If you have been involved in an automobile accident then you are familiar with a police accident report if you understand what all the numbers on each margin and at the bottom of this report mean those are codes which further explain what the police believe occurred and who was at fault in the accident the codes are meaningless unless you have access to the motor vehicle accident codes chart often a careful examination of the chart will reveal an inaccurate or just plain wrong description of what happened and who was at fault it's important that you obtained the police accident report as soon as it becomes available and presented to an attorney any errors or omissions can be presented to the police department for correction you should act quickly while the incident is still fresh in the officers mind and present any documentation available to support your position it might cost you greatly if you were wrongly deemed to be at fault for this accident and sued not to mention your insurance rates may also increase if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident give us a call for a free in-person consultation Music you Music.

FAQ - Nj Self Reporting Accident Form

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The officer writes down the information of the parties involved (and can take pictures at the scene) and later puts it into a report. It should have the basic information such as: Who What, Where, When and Why. Once the report is filed, the insurance companies of the drivers can request a copy (so can the drivers, for a small fee usually) from the Police Records Room.
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