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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Personal incident report

Instructions and Help about Personal incident report

Pilot that brings us to this past weekend the iah thousand flotilla which took off from Turkey with a bunch of activists on there trying to bring attention to the fact that there is a connection crisis in a dozen this was out they were walking there with anybody in or out there trying to do humanitarian nonviolent protest which prove anything to me over this bus is if you're going to protest something that's way too ahead of light screaming elevated inviting I don't like people shooting each other if you're going to protest something I may say do it in a humanitarian sentence and do it kind of nonviolent sense so they put together a flotilla for shizzle term meeting with the fire and they wrote it up with humanitarian aid and they ship it doesn't know they know that there is a naval blockade by the Israelis and does and that's the point they want to force the Israelis to come and make them stop and then when they hit them stop they can say we're just trying to deliver humanitarian aid and that then sheds lightly subject and puts pressure on the Israelis to lift the lid that's the way we're supposed to happen if you're going to do a humanitarian nonviolent protest it had better be humanitarian and if you better be non-white when the Israeli says stop and they were told there were gonna stop you ships they didn't stop obviously that's how you do it the Israeli commandos came on the ship and these guys on the ships are on what our bishops are all the rest of the ships but I was sort of beating the crap out of the Israeli soldiers who came there with paintball guns and they weren't properly equipped because if we're not trying to kill it but they start going to beat up on it anytime this is my music English so good this is why Gandhi was so great if you're going to protest do it on file no matter how much they hate you no matter what you do don't fight back as soon as you lift arms as soon as you try to fight back that those people who are attacking you would feel justified in taking you out and as soon as they started beating music the Israeli said we're in danger and starting opening fire now the people on that ship have knives and maybe an explosive diamonds maybe it looks that way from the video right but as soon as you try to turn your humanitarian on bama protest into a while and process where you're doing the people were trying to stop you now that those people filled Israel in this case feels justified and should you Matt which they did killing 19 now the grand scheme of things this is a net loss for is this about me moving away from my objective and i'll be in the.

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